Practical information

Marstal is Ærø's largest city- a charming town with narrow streets and snoring and with a long maritime history and shipping is still the lifeblood of the city. For more information: We look forward to hosting the event and we will do everything possible to make it a perfect regatta.

• Music, snacks, sausages and pier beers after each day's sailings • Banquet on Saturday evening • The harbour is 400m from the city centre • Marstal is 70km from Flensburg via Fynshav

Marstal is located on Ærø. The island has ferry service from 4 cities:

• Fynshav på Als

• Faaborg

• Svendborg

• Rudkøbing på Langeland

Very important:

We recommend that you book a ferry as soon as possible. It's high season on this beautiful island and there may be a run on the tickets. BOOK TODAY at or If you don't have to use it, you can always cancel again.

New 22. juli 2020

Now it is free to come with the ferries to DM2020 in Marstal. As part of the Corona aid package, the government has made it free to sail to Ærø, also with a trailer and caravan. If you have not yet booked, I think you should do it now, there will be a run on the ferries now. Those of you who have already booked and paid will be refunded by the shipping company.

Unfortunately, the above does not apply to pure yellow plate cars registered for business. But this should apply to white / yellow plates (parrot plates) for cars registered for private use.

If you intend to sail with ÆrøExpressen, they ask that you book by phone +45 7370 7800. We look forward to seeing you in Marstal.

Also remember to book your return trip.

Port area:

The participating boats are located free of charge at the allocated site in Marstal Harbour bridge 7 on the north side in the period from August 19 to August 23, 2020. Thus, we will all lie together to make it as cozy as possible.

Indoor storage of equipment will be available in the Marstal Sailing Club shed. The shed cannot be expected to be locked during the event.


There is the possibility of launching boats with Marstal Harbour's crane throughout Wednesday. In addition, there is the possibility to launch the boat in Faaborg Harbour at a cost of DKK 50,- per half hour (3-5 boats?), or alternatively Gambøt on Thurø, at a cost of DKK 100,- per boat lift. This will allow the ferry ticket to be Saved. For more info on this, please contact Per Røssel tel. 0045 5164 8444 or mail

Sail Repair:

If a sail repair is needed, you can call Jon on +45 29662059


It is possible to book meals at registration on the event's website, water, wine and coffee/tea can be purchased in the clubhouse. After the day's sailings there will be a pier beer and grill sausages for the whole crew.


Free camping will be possible on a specified area at the port.